Corporate Info

Our Vision

Our passion is fueled by our vision to be the leading Mobile platform and Enterprise IT Solutions and Services.

Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative Mobile platform and Enterprise IT Solutions and Services.

Our Business Focus

Our primary business focuses on all things mobile platform and enterprise IT, specifically:

As our business continues to evolve, we are adding more technologies to our portfolio of services. Mexcomm is always open to new partnerships and business possibilities. We are eager to hear from you should you be interested in adding to our business focus :)

Our Technology

Ezlynx is what sets Mexcomm apart from the competition. Developed by our talented programmers, Ezlynx comprises of the various powerful technologies that our services are based on.

The enterprise IT solution initiatives introduced aimed at incorporating varies of ICT disciplines for your businesses’ service feasibility and implementation.

Our Target

Our Target is to be able to provide premium messaging connectivity to 42 mobile operators over 11 Asia Pacific countries.

Our People

Here at Mexcomm we strongly believe employees are not simply resources, they are valuable assets of the company. As such, we've nurtured a highly capable team of dynamic and vibrant professionals with a wealth of experience in the mobile messaging arena.

We understand that the IT industry can at times be unpredictable, so we've made sure that our team has industry specific skill-sets ranging from design and development to maintenance and operations of mobile solutions. This readies us for all situations that may arise.

Our core values

Employees are expected to have a strict code of honesty and not conduct unscrupulous undertakings.


Having an understanding of what ones responsibilities are, instead of passing off work to others.

Team Spirit

We feel that encouragement, offering aid and providing constructive criticism are important factors in creating a productive working environment.


Taking pride in ones work, striving to constantly improve and go beyond what was asked. Taking initiative.


Being creative with ones work. Thinking outside the normal boundaries and utilizing all resources to their full potential.

Being Positive

Because no one likes negative people.