Mobile Application
Why mobile applications?

Being a mobile advertising company, we felt that the next logical step was to embrace mobile software development and use that as a marketing tool for businesses.

The idea is to utilize our current advertising know-how and mobile application development technology to create applications that serve as marketing tools that promote a specific product or service.

Such marketing tools would further enhance your marketing campaign by attracting attention, encourage the audience to be involved and increase the reach of the campaign for a relatively small cost.

We support most phone infrastructures and technologies.

Some examples of what we are capable of...

Information applications

Mobile application marketing can be applied to events, exhibitions and product/service launches to involve the audience a little more in the campaign. User participation can also perhaps be rewarded (e.g. filling out valuable marketing information for your company via the mobile application puts them in the running to win a prize).


Directory applications could be distributed within malls to aid shoppers in finding specific stores as well as provide a solid advertising platform that can be used as an additional revenue stream.


Distributed either via proximity infrastructure (Bluetooth, wifi) or over traditional GSM, such coupons allow you to not only inform the audience of your business’s presence, but also offer some small incentive to visit your location/make a purchase.


Small games can be developed and tied in conjunction with the actual product launch. This allows us to create a platform whereby the marketing material is an incentive for the audience to participate.